Grief and Bereavement

Grief & Bereavement

This small-group interactive workshop is designed for adults and deals with griefwork as a method of healing; and how to move through grief with hope, freedom and inner peace.
Presented by: Nancy Marrocco, B.A., B.Ed., M.R.E.
Further details: Nancy Marrocco, (905)-396-3489,

Coping With The Loss of a Pregnancy

For many women, the emotional aftermath following the loss of a pregnancy can include symptoms of depression, anxiety, acute stress, and/or grief. Help for recovery can be scarce. This unique session, hosted by an experienced perinatal therapist, provides participants with a supportive environment, education, and therapeutic paths to healing.
Presented by: Leslie Born, MSc, PhD. Director, Counselling For Change.
Further details:, T: (905) 541-0611

Grief in the Workplace: Strategies that Make a Difference

Returning to work after the death of a loved one can be both a comfort and a challenge. While the routine is familiar, relationships with others are often strained. Colleagues struggle with what to “say and do” and many times the griever is left feeling isolated and alone. In this interactive workshop, participants will gain new knowledge on how to better support and guide their grieving colleague.
Presented by: Brenda Marshall, Ph.D., CT
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