Change and Transition

Change What You Can Change

"Why is my luck so bad?". "Why does everything happen to me?". Stop blaming others, start taking responsibility for your own life experiences. So pay close attention as Glenn will discuss strategies that you can use to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Presented by: Glenn Mitges, Ph.D. CMHP, Author, Professional Speaker and Corporate Coach
Further details:, (905)-333-1986

The Men's Project - The Nature of Men and Masculinity

The Men's Project is the only treatment facility for male survivors of sexual abuse funded by the Attorney General's office in Ontario . The Men's Project has been in the forefront of providing innovative and much needed services to all men. We provide training on the impact of trauma on men, anger management, depression, emotional intelligence, the impact of divorce/separation, sexual orientation issues, sexuality abuse on gay or bisexual men and the nature of Men and Masculinity.
Presented by: Antoine Quenneville, M.A., Clinical Associate at the Men's Project
Further details:, (613) 230-6179 ext. 401