Continuing Education Credits

Definition of Continuing Education Credits and Criterion

A Continuing Education Credits (CEC) are granted by OACCPP for activities that promote the development of the participant in one of the four identified professions of the organization: Counselling, Consulting, Psychometry or Psychotherapy, or the development of these professions as a whole.

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One hour spent in a continuing education activity is equivalent to one CEC.

The following list of activities is not exhaustive but representational of activities which would qualify or not qualify for CECs.

Qualifying activities

  • Supervisory activities: Participation in peer supervision or supervision by a qualified professional or provision of supervision to new members
  • Direct participatory activities: Participation in workshops or presentations related to one of the four identified professions or a related activity and structured course work in one of the four identified professions or related subject matter including on-line activities
  • Advancement of the profession: Participation in research activities, participation in governance committees for professional associations or colleges related to one of the four identified professions.

Activities which do not qualify

  • Networking activities: social activities which do not involve a learning component
  • Personal therapy: including group therapy, participation in addiction treatment (including peer support groups) or individual/couple counselling (even if included as part of a professional program)
  • Training in non-counselling/psychotherapy related issues: such as training in administrative issues, file management, or financial management even should such issues touch upon the provision of professional services.

Such activities are laudable and recognized as beneficial for the individual as well as the professions. They are not however considered consistent with the goals of professional development in, or advancement of, one of the four identified professions.


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