Sign the Petition for Provincial HST exemption for Psychotherapy Services!

April 11, 2018

We know the numbers and despite new government initiatives the wait list for funded treatment continues. We are asking the provincial to exempt psychotherapy from the Goods and Services Tax (HST/GST), reducing costs and removing an unnecessary financial barrier to those who need to access these services on their own. 

We would like to thank all our members who took the time to sign their names to the petition we launched to the federal government asking that HST be exempt from psychotherapy services.

It's crucial that we apply pressure to both levels of government in order to effectively make this legislative change. That being said, we're counting on the enthusiasm of our members to carry the same momentum from signing of the federal portion of this petition; into signing the petition to the provincial government.

Due to the processes required from the provincial government, they require all petitions to be physically signed.

Please follow the instructions below to add your name to the provincial portion of this campaign.


1. Download the petition! (Click here to download)

2. Print the Petition!

3. Sign the petition (and ask you friends, colleagues and clients if they would like to sign);

4. Mail the original document to our offices at:

OACCPP 586 Eglinton Ave E #410, Toronto, ON M4P 1P2