Make your Voice Heard: CRPO Public Consultations

March 23, 2018

As a regulated college the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) is required to provide opportunity for public consultation on aspects of their operations and by-laws.
As a result, the CRPO is actively seeking input on some important updates on policies, processes, standards and by-laws.
On December 21st 2017, the CRPO provided an update to inform the public that the Ontario government has proclaimed the controlled act of psychotherapy as part of the larger Psychotherapy Act. This proclamation requires that anyone performing the controlled act of psychotherapy be registered with one of the six colleges whose members are eligible to practice the controlled act (CRPO, CPO, OCSWSSW, CNO, COTO and CPSO) to be in accordance with Ontario legislation.
The OACCPP is committed to bringing forward the feedback and concerns that our members have expressed to us regarding some of these important changes. The Board of Directors will be preparing to deliver a formal response during these consultations; and we would be happy to receive any comments and/or concerns that you have on this matter.
We’re also encouraging you to individually voice your feedback during the public consultation period.
Specifically, we want to direct your attention to the review of the Controlled Act Task Groupdraft consultation documents in relation to the proclamation of the controlled act of psychotherapy in Ontario. The CRPO is asking the public to review these documents and provide feedback through their survey no later than April 6th, 2018.
In addition, the CRPO is seeking input into various components of their by-law review process. Including technical, administrative and fee changes. You can review the proposed amendments and provide your feedback via the CRPO survey. The survey will be open until May 14th 2018.