Helping Stepfamilies one step at a time

Join the OACCPP's first ever summer webinar!
July 19, 2017

1 CEC | $30

Blythe Ward will identify and tackle the major issues facing stepfamilies today. Building on the concepts published in her book, "Stepping Up to a Happy Stepfamily", Blythe will provide strategies and practical suggestions tailored with the therapist in mind. 

Blythe will explore the following concepts: 

1. Meet them where they are – stabilize and normalize the family unit. 
2. It's a journey – understand the process of the stepfamily. 
3. Be resourcefull – teach and guide your clients. 
4. Walk in their shoes – recognize the challenges for stepparents. 
5. No one likes change – provide strategies to help children cope. 
6. It's all about the glue – strengthen the partnership.


Blythe Ward is a therapist, family life educator holding a Masters of Education degree in Counselling Psychology. She was in private practice for eighteen years. Blythe specialized in working with stepfamilies and upon retiring she wrote the book Stepping Up to a Happy Stepfamily. As a stepmother and therapist she has a profound understanding of the many challenges for stepfamilies.

*The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the OACCPP. 

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