Business Practice for Your Practice

2017 OACCPP Pre-conference Workshop
September 28, 2017


Check out our Pre-conference Workshop "Business Practice for your Practice," which will offer sound financial and branding advice for those at any point in their private practice careers.

Morning Workshop

Creative Branding with The Public Studio

Strategies for Small Business and the Self-Employed

By Natalia Saavedra and Anabel Khoo

This workshop will provide participants with the tools, planning techniques and deeper understanding of how to organize and create your organization's brand. Through discussion and hands-on exercises, participants will gain an overview of strategic visioning techniques and some practice in the planning and creation of an effective brand.

The Public is an activist design studio specializing in changing the world.


Afternoon Workshop

Work Your Finances like a Boss with the New School of Finance

By Liz Schieck

Taxes, HST, GST, Revenue, Expenses, Business Viability, Sole-proprietorship vs. Incorporation.... When you work for yourself - like many mental health professionals in private practice do - your business finances ARE your personal finances, and if you're not careful, things can get very messy! This workshop is where you start to learn how to run your sole-proprietorship finances. You probably have questions, like: How do I know if something is a business expenseor a personal expense? How much should I be saving for income taxes? What about HST? What even is that? Should I be charging it? What about incorporation? Should I be doing that? And will I ever get to go on vacation again? Entrepreneurship is the future, but the money stuff can be really confusing and, let's be honest, really boring. Let us change that and get you organized so that you can work your finances like a BOSS.

Think of the New School of Finance as your financial unicorns... They are an affordable, unbiased fee-only financial planningand financial coaching firm.

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