Privacy Agreement

Date of Privacy Plan: January 1, 2004 (Revised May 10, 2012)

Name of Organization: Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists

The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (hereafter referred to as “OACCPP”) is an incorporated professional association formed in l978 to represent providers of mental health services in the general areas of consulting, counselling, psychometry(assessment), and psychotherapy. It is a volunteer-run organization extending services to certified, general, affiliate and student members.

The mandate of OACCPP is to maintain and organize activities related to the professional enhancement of all of its members. Relatedly, OACCPP is dedicated to the betterment of mental health for all Ontario residents. The activities of OACCPP include maintenance of membership, recruitment of new members, organizing and standing committees on ethics, professional conduct, certification, public policy, and communications. In addition, the OACCPP supports an Executive Committee that reports directly to a Board, as do the standing committee chairs. The OACCPP Board is responsible to the constituency of all OACCPP members, and that responsibility includes the maintenance of a Privacy Plan under the Privacy Legislation of Canada.

The collection and use of personal information by OACCPP is conducted only in the course of carrying out its responsibilities to its members.

Consultants and Adjunct Staff: Executive director; membership coordinator, communications and professional development coordinator, content and managing editor (“Psychologica”, E-Pulse), Webmaster.

Name of Privacy Officer: Executive director

Accountability: The privacy officer is accountable to the OACCPP Executive, and through that body, to the OACCPP Board of Directors. His/her responsibility is to orient members and consulting staff to the Privacy Plan, to maintain (and/or amend where appropriate) its contents and to respond to complaints from members of OACCPP regarding any aspect of the Privacy Plan.

Commercial Activities:

The commercial activities undertaken by OACCPP are: the collection of membership dues; the collection of fees pertaining to applications for certification; the payment of consultants hired to undertake certain tasks related to membership needs; the payments for the publication of Psychologica and The Pulse; and remunerations for contract staff and expenses associated with various Board committees as approved.

Inventory of Personal Information Collected

In the course of its commercial activities, OACCPP collects the following personal information:

Mailing addresses of all members and consulting staff, including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers;

Mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all externally hired consultants;

Application information supporting new membership queries and supporting data.

The executive director of OACCPP keeps this information.

Certification information that includes copies of transcripts, the answers to a certification examination; reference letters, and related correspondence: This information is kept by the Chair of Certification and distributed to an examination panel. Certification files are housed centrally in the OACCPP office.

Queries regarding ethical and professional conduct concerns are kept by the Chair of Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee.

No client information is kept by OACCPP except in the case where a member of the public or a member of OACCPP has issued a query or complaint regarding professional practice.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Our primary purpose for collecting personal information from OACCPP members is (1) to ensure that they receive all relevant information regarding membership, renewal of membership, insurance information, receipt of general mailings, accurate addresses for e-mail responses, and certification information; (2) to invoice members each year for renewal of membership and certification; (3) to request information from certified members regarding ongoing professional development activities.

Our primary purpose for collecting personal information from staff consultants is to maintain ongoing communication regarding business activities.

Our primary purpose for collecting personal information from external consultants is to review potential candidacy for a consulting opportunity, and/or to maintain ongoing liaison regarding consulting projects.

With respect to the above, written consent is sought before any information is shared with a third party.

Invoicing and Collection of Fees

OACCPP members are invoiced once a year for their annual fees; applicants for certification are invoiced at the time of application for certification, and, following that, for the examination process. Staff and external consultants are remunerated as per their contractual arrangements with the organization.

Housing and Transfer of Personal Information

All personal information is held in secured files, in the central OACCPP office under the supervision of the executive director at:

586 Eglinton Avenue E., Suite 410, Toronto, Ontario. M4P 1P2

Personal information from applications for certification are also kept by the Chair of the Certification Committee at the OACCPP central office location noted above. Personal information from applicants is distributed to various members of the examining panel.

Personal information pertaining to queries regarding ethical and professional conduct matters are kept in secure files at the central OACCPP office as noted above and are directed to the Chair of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee.

Protection of Personal Information

This Privacy Policy pertains to member files maintained by the Executive Director and the Committee Chairs mentioned above. Office space is used exclusively by the person(s) designated to retain this information. These premises have been inspected by the Privacy Officer, and by selected Board members to ensure their appropriateness and the files are restricted to use only by the Administrative Director, he/her delegates, and the Committee Chairs responsible for maintaining updated information. Our policy requires that all files containing personal information be locked at all times, except while in use.

File cabinets are locked, and all e-documents are protected by a password, including member access to the OACCPP website. E-documents and online communication are housed on a secure server, to ensure that privacy will be maintained.

If for any reason, files containing personal information need to be transported, files will be locked in the trunk of a car, or transported, in situ, in secure containers. All paper information is transmitted through sealed, addressed envelopes by mail or by courier.

Voicemails from members are protected by confidential access codes.

All faxes and e-mails will identify the recipient and include a privacy clause that reads: “The information contained in this document is confidential and privileged and is intended only for the use of the addressee. Any use by another person is improper. If you have received this information in error, please contact our privacy officer/executive director, at:; 1-(888) 622-2779 or (416) 298-7333.

Note that OACCPP will not, under any circumstances, distribute to a third party a mailing list of its full membership. Neither will OACCPP disclose the personal information, including a contact address for any individual member of OACCPP. The parties wishing access to member lists for promotion of educational workshops, advertising, etc., are invited to place an ad in “Psychologica”, or insert an enclosure in one of the mailings of “Psychologica” or some other general mailing.

Résumés, performance reviews, and contracts of all consulting staff are kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office of the executive director.

Résumés, contracts and performance reviews of all external consultants are kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office of the executive director.

The résumé, performance reviews, and contract of the executive director are to be kept by the president of the Executive Committee, in a locked filing cabinet.

Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

Member information is retained until a member advises the executive director that he or she is withdrawing their membership status. At that time, all personal information is archived, and destroyed five years after notice of withdrawal from the organization. Information from certification applicants is retained indefinitely, until a member advises the executive director and the Chair of the Certification Committee that he or she is withdrawing from the organization. At that time, the member’s certification file is archived, kept for five years, and then destroyed. Destruction of all personal information is done with a shredder.


Public queries and member queries regarding the Privacy Plan will be directed to the privacy officer. OACCPP will charge fees for copying member information, as, for example, in the provision of the determinations of an examination for certification. The organization may have appropriate grounds for refusing an access request, and will require confirmation of the identity of the individual making the request before disclosing any information. Information regarding liability insurance is held with the Insurance Brokers and OACCPP takes no responsibility for information regarding insurability or claims.

All OACCPP members have access to the Privacy Plan, which is posted on our website, and held by the privacy officer.

Accuracy and Correction Requests

To the best of our ability, OACCPP tries to maintain complete accuracy of records. We rely on members to change addresses or related personal information in a timely manner.

If a member believes that the information held in his or her file is inaccurate, he or she may request that it be corrected. Personal files are kept on each member and must be made available upon request.