2017 Nomination for the OACCPP Board

Seeking new members for the OACCPP Board of Directors & Board Committees


July 2017 

The OACCPP Nomination Committee is looking for interested members to become involved in our professional association. We know how busy you are, but as a Board we need your input and support to help us move forward as an organization.

With the establishment of a regulated college, we now face new and exciting challenges and opportunities. Our mandate is to serve all our members; including those who have/ will become regulated under the new college and still need to belong to a professional association, as well as others who may choose not to belong to this new regulated college.

We are currently looking for Board members to sit as Directors-at-Large to represent the needs of our members across the province, as well as representing the diverse professional areas that are part of our membership base.

This year we are looking for more non-regulated members to adequately represent the interest of both the regulated and non-regulated members on the Board.

The OACCPP Board members are expected to attend approximately four meetings per year in Toronto; as well as attending the AGM (Annual General Meeting). In addition to attending Board Meetings, each Director is expected to join one of the Board Committees. Expenses are covered (travel/meals, etc. according to amounts established by the Board Policy), and meetings usually occur all day on a Saturday. The Board is made up of volunteer directors who are nominated and elected for two-year terms (not to exceed two consecutive two year terms).

The Nomination Committee is also looking for members to sit on various board Committees, and a brief description of the mandate of each is provided below. Most Committee work is conducted via conference calls and in some cases the Chair may decide for a face-to-face meeting, in which the Board's reimbursement policy applies to committee members as well. Currently vacancies exist in the Communication, Certification and Ethics and Professional Conduct Committees. The mandates of these committees are as follows.


Certification Committee

The Committee is be responsible for implementing the process of Certification as established by the Certification Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Members review all material relevant to certification process, and participate in the certification process when required.

Communications Committee

The committee is responsible for creating/updating the association's communications plan, providing guidance to administrators/ad hoc committees on how communications/marketing messages are being distributed to the Association's various audiences via different channels. 

Ethics & Professional Conduct Committee

The committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which shall be binding on all members who are not regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA); and reviews the above documents periodically and recommend revisions as required.            
Further, the committee informs OACCPP members of the existence of the complaints process, and receives and reviews complaints for those OACCPP members who are not regulated health professionals under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).


We need fresh ideas, enthusiasm and support from our members, and invite nominations at this time. The deadline for nominations is:  5 pm, August 15, 2017.  Please forward your name with your CV (only nominations with a CV are accepted) to the Chair of the Nomination Committee by sending the Nomination Form and your CV to nominations@oaccpp.ca.


James Whetstone MA, RP, (Cert)OACCPP

Chair Nomination Committee